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a screen with WordPress logo describing redesigning process.

How To Redesign Your WordPress Website In 2024 (Ultimate Guide)

1. Know Your Goal + Look for Competitive Websites in the Same Niche:

developing looking at the screen and wondering what should be changed .

2. Prepare the Structure of Your Website:

a word file that containing the structure of the website
Example of a website structure.

3. Decide the Color Palette and Typography:

example of color palette
picking colors from your logo
Example of picking the main colors of your business logo.

4. Install All the Needed Plugins:

Installing plugins

5. SEO: Strengthening Your Website’s Foundation

SEO optimization graph

6. Craft Your Header and Footer:

Screenshot of a header and a footer
Example of a Header and a Footer.
Responsive Design

7. Craft Homepage + Services: The Heart of Your Digital Presence

crafting the homepage

8. Craft Remaining Pages:

9. Clear Call to Action: Convert Visitors into Customers

calendar with karim frikha
Example of a 30-minute call offer.

10. Collecting Reviews + Feedback + Revisions:

screen containing phrase : Time For Review

11. Publish Website:

12. Submit Sitemap:

sitemap submitting in google search console

Conclusion: Congrats for Redesign

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