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Top WordPress Websites Across Niches: The Big Players & Their Traffic Stats

When it comes to creating a website that stands out while also being user-friendly, WordPress often tops the list. It’s no coincidence; with its unparalleled versatility and adaptability, WordPress has carved a niche for itself as the go-to platform for many. From small personal blogs to massive news outlets, its flexibility is evident in the variety of sites it powers.

But have you ever wondered just how big some of these WordPress sites are? Or how much traffic they pull in? As we delve deeper into this article, we’re going to spotlight some of the internet’s most visited WordPress websites, spanning various categories. Be prepared to be amazed by the reach and impact of these digital giants!

Education on WordPress

Education, in today’s world, isn’t just confined to classrooms. Digital platforms are playing an increasingly pivotal role in spreading knowledge, and a reliable platform is essential to deliver educational content smoothly. WordPress has become the preferred choice for many educational institutions and learning platforms, proving that it can efficiently handle high volumes of traffic while providing a seamless user experience.

Education website template showing aspects and design
Example of Educational Website

A go-to platform for many aspiring data scientists and analysts, Dataquest witnessed an impressive 828.8K visits in the past three months.


Although it’s a giant in the business and finance world, Forbes also provides educational content on various topics. With a staggering 135.1M visits in the last quarter, it’s a testament to WordPress’s capability.

Best Colleges

Helping students make informed decisions about their educational journey, Best Colleges garnered 3M visits in the recent three months.


A haven for computer science enthusiasts and learners, GeeksforGeeks enjoyed 78.9M visits, proving that technical content finds a vast audience on WordPress sites.


Focusing on digital marketing and SEO, Reliablesoft attracted 356.7K visits in the last quarter, showcasing WordPress’s ability to cater to niche educational areas.

Class Central

A popular platform for online course discovery, Class Central had 2.1M visits in the past three months, once again highlighting the power and reach of WordPress in the educational sector.

Tech Websites Flourishing on WordPress

The tech world is ever-evolving, with new developments and innovations announced daily. For tech enthusiasts and professionals, staying updated is crucial, and they turn to trustworthy platforms for their tech updates. WordPress has proven to be the backbone for many tech websites, ensuring they can handle large traffic volumes and present information in an organized, user-friendly manner.

showing a collection of mobiles in a row , showing the idea of technology

Tech Advisor

Providing advice, reviews, and the latest tech news, Tech Advisor received 2.2M visits in the past three months, establishing itself as a primary source for many tech enthusiasts.

Digital Trends

Covering everything from the latest gadgets to emerging technologies, Digital Trends witnessed a massive 30M visits in the last quarter. A clear indication of the trust readers place in WordPress-backed tech platforms.


Specializing in mobile phone news, reviews, and specs, MobileDokan garnered 3M visits in the recent three months, reflecting WordPress’s versatility in handling niche tech segments.

Android Authority

As the name suggests, it’s an authority on all things Android. With 15M visits in the past three months, Android Authority stands as a testament to WordPress’s capability to handle specialized tech content.

Mesra Mobile

A platform that gives insights into mobile phones and their prices, Mesra Mobile saw 150K visits over the last three months, further highlighting WordPress’s suitability for diverse tech niches.

GadgetByte Nepal

Offering the latest tech news and gadget reviews specific to Nepal, GadgetByte witnessed substantial engagement with their WordPress platform in the recent months.

Gadget Stripe

Focusing on mobile phone reviews, news, and user guides, Gadget Stripe received 300K visits in the last quarter, emphasizing the global tech community’s trust in WordPress.

PC World

An established name in the tech industry, PC World, with its 4.5M visits in the past three months, demonstrates how legacy tech platforms also rely on WordPress for scalability and performance.

These statistics not only underline the popularity of these tech websites but also underscore the dependability and adaptability of WordPress as a platform for diverse technical content needs.

News & Journalism on WordPress

In the dynamic world of news and journalism, real-time updates, reliability, and seamless user experience are non-negotiable. WordPress, with its robust features, has been the chosen platform for many prestigious news outlets, providing them the flexibility to publish timely stories and handle the massive influx of visitors that breaking news can bring.

man scrolling through a news website to see what's new

About Facebook

While serving as the official newsroom for the social media giant, this WordPress website saw 4.15M visits in the past three months. It’s not just a platform for company updates but also offers deep dives into major announcements and initiatives.

CNN Press Room

Behind the scenes of one of the world’s leading news organizations, the CNN Press Room keeps stakeholders informed. With an astonishing 224M visits over the last three months, it showcases the immense scalability of WordPress for news giants.

Microsoft News Center

Offering insights and news about one of the world’s largest tech companies, Microsoft’s official news platform, hosted on WordPress, clocked in 196M visits in the recent quarter, reiterating the trust global corporations place in the platform.

Boing Boing

A collective of bloggers bringing eclectic and engaging stories, Boing Boing, saw 459K visits in the last three months. It’s a testament to how versatile WordPress is, catering to both mainstream news outlets and alternative journalism.

TED Blog

Taking us behind the scenes of the world-renowned TED platform, the TED Blog, with its 3.1M visits over the past quarter, highlights how WordPress supports platforms that share ideas worth spreading.

Yelp Official Blog

Serving as the voice of the company that connects people with great local businesses, Yelp’s official blog experienced a massive 300M visits in the last three months, underlining WordPress’s capability to scale for global audiences.

These figures underscore WordPress’s unparalleled reliability in the news and journalism domain. Whether it’s a global news outlet or a niche journalism platform, WordPress stands out as the preferred choice for many, ensuring stability, scalability, and a user-friendly experience.

Lifestyles Showcased on WordPress

The world of lifestyle blogging is rich with diversity, featuring everything from fashion tips to personal stories. WordPress, with its customizable features, offers creators a platform where they can design a space that’s truly their own, reflecting their unique tastes and styles.

woman creating its lifestyle website or watching a lifestyle website

Erica Ball Style

Focusing on fashion and personal styling, Erica Ball’s website received 30K visits in the last three months, showing that even niche style influencers can benefit from WordPress’s user-friendly interface.

Hayley Cooper

Offering a fresh perspective on personal styling, Hayley Cooper’s site attracted 15K visitors over the past quarter. This is a testament to how WordPress can enhance the personal brand of individual influencers.

Mikado Personal Styling

Blending fashion tips with personal styling, Mikado garnered 100K visits in the recent three months. The platform’s adaptability ensures content is presented in the most engaging manner possible.

Serving Culinary Content: Food & Recipe Sites on WordPress

Food is more than just sustenance; it’s an experience, a story, and often, an art form. WordPress allows culinary enthusiasts and chefs alike to present their recipes and stories in visually stunning layouts, ensuring their audiences get a taste even before they start cooking.

food website template
Example of Food/Blog Website


With a blend of product showcase and recipes, Andico had 19K food enthusiasts visiting their site in the past three months, highlighting the platform’s capability to handle diverse culinary content.

Tastes of Lizzy T

Offering a plethora of mouthwatering recipes, Tastes of Lizzy T saw a commendable 1.5M visits over the last quarter. This is a shining example of how a well-optimized WordPress site can cater to a massive audience craving delectable dishes.

Direct Stoves

While primarily focusing on stoves, this site also offers culinary content and received 1M visits in the recent three months, showcasing the versatility of WordPress for diverse niches.

She Knows

An amalgamation of food, parenting, and lifestyle, She Knows clocked in a whopping 19M visits over the past quarter, demonstrating the vast reach WordPress can offer to well-curated content platforms.

Whether you’re a style guru looking to share your fashion tips or a chef eager to spread your culinary masterpieces, WordPress offers the tools and flexibility to reach your audience effectively and in style.

Guiding Through Parenthood: WordPress Sites for Parents

Parenting, an ever-evolving journey filled with moments of joy, challenges, and learning. In today’s digital age, many parents turn to online platforms for advice, product recommendations, and shared experiences. WordPress, with its intuitive interface and robust features, has become the go-to platform for many parenting blogs and websites.

Parenting website blog example
Example of a Parenting Website

Kids Around

A site dedicated to children’s fashion and trends, Kids Around saw 330K visits in the last three months. It’s a destination for parents looking for stylish options for their little ones.

Born Fabulous

Focusing on children’s wear, Born Fabulous attracted 3K visitors over the past quarter, showcasing that even specialized niches have a place in the vast WordPress ecosystem.


An essential resource for many new parents, Ergobaby, known for its baby carriers, amassed 650K visits in the recent three months. Their site serves as both a product platform and an informational guide, highlighting the versatility of WordPress for business and blogging alike.


From high-traffic news outlets and delectable recipe blogs to in-depth tech reviews and nurturing parenting guides, the examples we’ve explored underscore one clear fact: WordPress dominates as a versatile and adaptable platform across a plethora of niches.

For anyone considering starting a website, regardless of your field or focus, WordPress stands as a testament to what’s possible in the digital landscape. And if you’re looking to craft a bespoke WordPress website tailored to your needs, remember, WPSiteMakers is here to guide you every step of the way. Let your online journey begin with the best.

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